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Finding Large Files

I was looking to delete some large files on my mac, but was having a hard time identifying the 1 Gig or larger files. I droped down to the Terminal because I knew the du command helps you identify file sizes, but it is a wealth of information since it is recursive. I sorted through […]

Converting mkv to mp4

I was playing around with an .mkv video file and wanted to stream it to my playstation 3 and wasn’t really sure where to start.  I already have Mediatomb setup on my Fedora 11 box and it works great for avi, mpeg, mpeg2, mpeg4, divx, etc… but it didn’t natively have anything for mkv.  I […]

Find World Writeable Files in Linux

Use the find command to search from the root directory “/” have it look for files “-type f” that are world writeable “-perm -2” and print them to the screen “-print”.  I choose to suppress any permission errors “2> /dev/null” and I also decided to put the output into a file “> worldwrite.txt”. find / […]