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Perl and LLDP

Dynamic discovery of switches and even mapping.  I will write a better post around this and clean up my code to repost, but this is getting posted quickly to share.

Simple Hangman Game

I was working though simple Perl with some guys that were interested in learning.  So I came up with the idea of making a simple hangman game as an example to work off of.  This is a working game that could use lots more refinement, but was a great teaching tool.  I will add comments […]

Monitoring with GeekTool 3 and Perl on a Mac

I was running into issues where I was having power outages at my house.  My  IP address at home was changing a lot during due to the outages.  I wanted to keep track of the address changes as well as the outages.  I threw together a little script that keep track of things. This script […]

A Twitpic Script

I am impressed with the sheer volume of pictures from all over the world that get sent to I use them and so do many Twitter applications.  My only complaint with twitpic is that they don’t let you grab random photo’s out of the API.  Not even your own; you have to specify which […]

Added Shortening to Sociable WordPress Plugin

I hacked url shortening into my Sociable WordPress Plugin.  Here is a diff of the two files if you want to add it to yours too (the .bak is the original file and the sociable.php is the one with the features in it):