Find World Writeable Files in Linux

Use the find command to search from the root directory “/” have it look for files “-type f” that are world writeable “-perm -2” and print them to the screen “-print”.  I choose to suppress any permission errors “2> /dev/null” and I also decided to put the output into a file “> worldwrite.txt”.

find / -perm -2 -type f -print 2> /dev/null > worldwrite.txt

Hope this helps!

No More Cable TV For Me

Awhile ago my wife and I decided that we shouldn’t be paying $100 a month for our cable TV and internet service, $1200 a year could go a long way.  We first wanted to see if we could handle only having the basic TV channels, so we scaled back our service.  At first it was hard not having the discovery channel and TLC but we got over it.  Making the change to basic got our monthly bill down to about $65 (cable and internet) where $50 of that was our internet service package.  We have since switched to DSL and do miss the speed but only have to pay about $30 a month for internet service.  An interesting side effect of scaling back our TV service was that we now watch less TV.  We are starting to enjoy some of the PBS show and now tend to get a lot more done around the house.  After evaluating what channels we had been watching I decided to save ourselves the monthly fee and switch to over the air TV service. Read the rest of this entry »

Let’s Kick This Off

I have had my website for about 3 years now and I finally decided to make this easier on myself and convert it all over to wordpress.  I have proven to myself that I can do it if I need to and have taken the time to learn more about web developement.

I hope to talk a little bit about things that I like or dislike and not so much about myself.  I am into tinkering and setting up projects.  I hope to be able to document some of the challenges that I run into and talk about how I was able to overcome those.  I envision this blog to contain things from home repair/improvement,  to computer programming, maybe some photography and my take on things in the news.

I would like to, every once and awhile, do a how-to so look for those as well.  Let’s see if I can turn this rather stale website into something useful and current.  I would love to hear your feedback and hope that you enjoy yourself.