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Perl and LLDP

Dynamic discovery of switches and even mapping.  I will write a better post around this and clean up my code to repost, but this is getting posted quickly to share.

Simple Hangman Game

I was working though simple Perl with some guys that were interested in learning.  So I came up with the idea of making a simple hangman game as an example to work off of.  This is a working game that could use lots more refinement, but was a great teaching tool.  I will add comments […]

Monitoring with GeekTool 3 and Perl on a Mac

I was running into issues where I was having power outages at my house.  My  IP address at home was changing a lot during due to the outages.  I wanted to keep track of the address changes as well as the outages.  I threw together a little script that keep track of things. This script […]

A Twitpic Script

I am impressed with the sheer volume of pictures from all over the world that get sent to I use them and so do many Twitter applications.  My only complaint with twitpic is that they don’t let you grab random photo’s out of the API.  Not even your own; you have to specify which […]

Find World Writeable Files in Linux

Use the find command to search from the root directory “/” have it look for files “-type f” that are world writeable “-perm -2” and print them to the screen “-print”.  I choose to suppress any permission errors “2> /dev/null” and I also decided to put the output into a file “> worldwrite.txt”. find / […]